Get the picture?

We all know about the power of association for brands – which is why The Emirates backs Arsenal Football Club, Samsung adorns the Chelsea shirts and the likes of Audi and champagne brand Veuve Clicquot lend their names, products and services to a host of cultural events.

But what more British association could you get – or London, at least – than with the Routemaster bus?  This semi-retired design classic that boasts styling by the eminent Douglas Scott still has a stanch following across the land – and not just among designers either.

What better partner, lomography activists thought, to help celebrate the anniversary of their cult camera brand and the idiosynchratic images it creates.

Blast from the past: A ride on the Routemaster takes place from 2pm on 26 September when the Routemaster will take 60 lucky lomographists and their cameras on a ‘trip down memory lane’ around London’s top tourists attractions.

Tickets are £20 and include the bus tickets, a roll of film, 10 per cent off film processing and a drink in the Lomography Gallery Store after the journey. Cheap at the price, so to secure your seat call 020 7434 1466 or pop into the store at 3 Newburgh Street, London W1.

Why they focused on London though remain to be seen. Lomography was popularlised in the early 1990s by two Austiran students after they discovered the Russian Lomo Kompakt Automatic camera. There’s nothing terribly British about that.

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