Grange Hill revisited

‘Whaddap wap waaaah!’ Being of a certain age, Design Week’s memories of iconic children’s TV series Grange Hill focus mainly on Zammo Maguire’s battle with heroin and Mr Bronson’s outrageous toupee.

Adam Ray
Adam Ray

We were intrigued, therefore, to receive an email from Adam Ray, now production director of Australian consultancy AKA Brand Design, who claims to have played Grange Hill art teacher Mr Brisley in the 1990s.

A quick bit of Googling reveals that Ray did, indeed, star as Tom Brisley – Grange Hill’s first openly gay teacher – from 1992-98. Ray told a Grange Hill fan site in 2001 that he had moved to Sydney at the behest of his Australian wife and was appearing in a TV news comedy show called Backberner as well as playing Doctor Routledge in a show called All Saints.

Ray’s career then seems to have taken a turn away from the TV screen and he next emerges as production director at Landor and then Anthem Worldwide, before setting up current consultancy AKA with ex-Landor creative director Austin Marsden.

Tower Estate Wines
Tower Estate Wines

Ray says the consultancy has recently rebranded the Saxa Salt range in Australia, as well as Tower Estate wines – a long way from the Grange Hill art room.

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  • Leanne Platt November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Grange Hill has performed very different storylines. like back in 1991, Chrissy and Ted became an item soon after learning she’s pregnant then in 1992, she had suffered many phases:playground taunts, unhappy parents and the evil tongues of Natasha Stevens. After an argument with Justine she is hit by a football but has no really damage done. On 28 January 1992, Chrissy had gone into premature labour and she almost gave birth in the school loos, while Ted had dinner with his friend and had cheated on Chrissy with Emma. After a while at the hospital, Chrissy gave birth to a premature and healthy baby boy, Jay. Chrissy had to quit school to look after him

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