Graven Images refurbishes Glasgow’s Corinthian Club

A £5.7m refurbishment of Glasgow’s Grade A-listed The Corinthian Club is coming to fruition this week following an 18-month design project by Graven Images.

The opulent styling of the club ‘raises the bar’ for Glasgow’s entertainment venues, says Graven Images director Ross Hunter. The interiors replace a previous reinvention of the 260-year old building by London consultancy United Designers in 1991.

Hunter says, ‘The previous refurbishment had been a big statement at the time, but it had lost a bit of shine in the market. So we had to re-imagine what a building like that could look like and how all its distinct spaces could be drawn together. It’s an environment that creates a story; it unfolds a bit like a ghost train ride.’

Over the years, The Corinthian Club has been used a private residence, as facilities for the Glasgow and Ship Bank and converted into judiciary courts.

The latest redesign uses traditional methods, materials and finishes created by local craftsmen. These include a mosaic floor made from 500 000 tiles, more than 1000 moulded acanthus leaves and hand-carved panels.

Glasgow-based developer G1 Group is behind the project. The company has its own construction team, which allowed Graven Images to work directly with the client at all stages. ‘This way of working is incredibly efficient and saves a lot of the bureaucracy and cost associated with typical projects which use contractors,’ says Hunter.

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