I Want Design brands Southbank Venues

I Want Design has created the identity for Southbank Venues, a new venture from South Bank Marketing Group to boost the corporate hiring of venues in the area.

SBMG is part of the South Bank Employers’ Group, a consortium of local attractions and businesses in the South Bank area.

I Want Design began working on the identity in June, as part of its role as SBEG’s preferred design consultancy for its destination marketing.

The consultancy was briefed to create an identity that would keep the feel of the identity of Southbank London – SBMG’s destination brand – but that was different from other corporate destination brochures.

SBEG marketing director Elizabeth Parbutt says, ‘It’s an exciting area with iconic buildings so we wanted the identity to reflect that.’

The identity features a rainbow palette and line drawings of some of the well-known structures around the South Bank area.

I Want Design founder John Gilsenan says, ‘It’s completely the opposite from the average corporate brochures, which tend to have one large, rather dull image.’

The identity will be seen on the Southbank Venues directory, as well as online and on print promotional materials.

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