Identica adds French touch to Russian cosmetics

Identica has created a new visual identity for the relaunch of Russian cosmetics company Divage.

The consultancy was asked to create a new look for the brand by identifying its target audience, and also to devise new packaging and a marketing slogan.

The identity aims to create a ‘sassy, smart’ look, using a bright pink-and-black palette with a gold accent.

As well as designing the packaging, Identica came up with a strapline – Voila –for the marketing materials.

Account director for the project Johannes Schulzhenko says, ‘We chose “Voila” as it’s a little bit Western and French, and for Russian girls there are no better cosmetics than French ones.’

Richard Morris, managing director at Identica, says, ‘We’re very proud of the work we’ve done on Divage – it’s got style and a great attitude that the target market will love. We believe it’s really going to make a mark and turn Divage into an icon brand for young women.’

The new identity will be rolled out next month.

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