Lambie-Nairn adds ‘holistic’ touch to aerospace company EADS

Lambie-Nairn has created a new brand identity for aerospace company EADS, which unites its four main divisions – Airbus, Eurocopter, Astrium and Cassidian – with a ‘holistic brand system’.

The consultancy has been working on the rebrand, which coincides with EADS’ tenth anniversary, for 18 months following ongoing conversations with the company.

Adrian Burton, executive creative director of Lambie-Nairn, says, ‘We’d demonstrated that we implicitly understood the nature of the business and the challenges ahead, and, from a strategic perspective, understood how aligning the divisions would benefit the group.’

Lambie-Nairn has created a common type style, graphic roundel device and colour palette shared by each division of the brand, aiming to create cohesion and reduce long-term marketing costs.

Burton adds that the new identity reflects the ‘innovative and progressive’ approach of EADS, and also sets it apart from competitors through the new 3D logo.

Nicole Schareck, vice-president of brand communications at EADS, says, ‘With Lambie-Nairn, we’ve developed a brand that not only exemplifies our pioneering spirit and our innovative approach, but also creates greater synergies across the group of companies.’

The new brand identity will be gradually implemented across all marketing channels ‘over the next year and beyond’, Burton says.

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