New D&AD executive committee appointed

Vince Frost, Neville Brody and GBH’s Mark Bonner have been elected to the design seats on the D&AD executive committee.

Rosie Arnold of BBH, Ben Priest of Adam & Eve, Andy Cheetham of JWT and Sean Toal of Creative Rebellion have been appointed to the advertising seats.

Steven Johnson of The Hub and Mike Stephenson of Moon have been appointed to the seats for other creative industries, while Bryan Clark of University College Falmouth and Alexandra Taylor of Mrs McGuinty have been appointed to the seats for creatives in business.

The newly elected members are replacing current D&AD president Paul Brazier, Jane Scherbaum, Steve Mykolyn and Jeremy Leslie, who stand down this week, as well as Mark Denton and Billy Mawhinney, who stood down in the summer. In addition, Brody and Bonner received the same number of votes, so an extra seat was awarded.

Simon ‘Sanky’ Sankarayya is taking over from Brazier as D&AD president, while the next deputy president is yet to be appointed.

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