Si Scott creates Mostro illustration for Puma

Illustrator Si Scott has designed in-store graphics for Puma to help promote its new Mostro shoe.

Consultancy Parrott & Miller appointed Scott through illustration agency Breed in August, tasking him with creating a graphic for point-of-sale and window displays.

The brand name Mostro loosely translates as ‘monster’ in Italian. Scott says the word ’monster’ has inspired him to create oriental dragon and koi imagery.

‘I didn’t want anything too mythical or fairytale-like’ says Scott, who also worked up a Samurai illustration which was dropped due to ‘potential negative connotations’, he adds.

Parrott & Miller creative director Simon Parrott says the graphic also has a tattoo resonance and the design will have ‘unisex appeal.’

The illustration is connected through Puma’s trademark ‘form’ stripe according to Scott, who has accentuated its pink line with white flourishes on a black background.

Parrott says the work can be seen at the Carnaby Street branch of shoe retailer Office from today, and will be rolled out across the chain’s other stores in London.

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