Technology Strategy Board seeks ‘disruptive’ ideas

The Technology Strategy Board is launching a competition to find ‘disruptive’ solutions to challenges in the areas of energy, digital, healthcare and sustainability.

The TSB defines disruptive solutions as ‘solutions to a challenge that create a new or unexpected market opportunity by applying a different set of values’. It has earmarked £600 000 to go towards funding projects. Entry to the competition is restricted to micro-, small- and medium-sized companies.

Three proposals will be funded in each of the four areas, with the best proposal in each area receiving £100 000 and the other two receiving £25 000 in project funding.

The healthcare strand will seek projects to generate improvements in disease prevention, management of chronic disease, detection and diagnosis of disease and treatments tailored to patients’ needs.

In sustainability, proposals are sought to create innovative ways to reduce the whole-life environmental impact of delivering products and services. In the digital sphere, projects are sought to help improve the user’s ability to function.

In the energy sector, projects are sought that deal with novel methods of low-carbon energy generation, networks and grid, and underpinning technologies.

Entrants need to post a two-minute video pitch to by 16 September. The winners will be selected on 12 October following a pitch process.

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