The Chase creates Media City UK wayfinding

The Chase has developed the wayfinding strategy for Media City UK, using colours instead of street names to highlight access routes around the Salford Quays development.

The Chase senior designer Mike Roberts says, ‘We were briefed to come up with street names for the site. One of the concepts was colour coding, as it’s quite a small, unique community – all based around media. Colour seemed to represent all areas of media.’

Key street landmarks such as bollards and lighting columns will be colour-coded to match the Media City UK brand palette, developed by Drumbeat Creative, and The Chase has expanded the range of colours to make them ‘individual and iconic’.

Additionally, The Royal Mail has supported The Chase’s plans for creating new postcodes to suit the nature of each building – such as M50 2HQ for the studio block.

The Chase creative director Ben Casey says, ‘The last two letters [are] the key identifiers stripping the address to its simplest and purest form.’  

The Chase began working on the project last autumn, and it is hoped the navigation will be implemented within the next couple of months.

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