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Small Creatures for the British Heart Foundation

Hat-Trick’s award-winning 2009 Small Creatures campaign for the British Heart Foundation, which aims to help children deal with bereavement, helped ensure the charity’s much-deserved place in our Hot Fifty this year.


Now, Hat-Trick, Bold Creative and BHF have worked on a video, which features illustrations by Rebecca Sutherland. Through a Small Creature who has lost his best friend Bird, it’s hoped the film will help children find constructive ways of dealing with their feelings.

The Small Creature
The Small Creature

Johnson Banks’s Michael Johnson’s Thought for the Day blog

In his latest Thought for the Day blog, Johnson Banks’s Michael Johnson
voices his frustrations at the ’intangible’ Design Council, and says it’s
time for designers to tell the organisation exactly what they want from it.

Battles, My Machine single video

Though the single came out in mid-August, this video for New York band Battles’s single My Machines seems to be causing rather a stir on that internet at the moment – and with good reason.

Directed by directorial duo Daniels, this video is a collaboration between Battles, Warp Records and The Creators Project’s The Studio, which produces and distributes works from artists across different creative disciplines.

It shows hapless shoppers struggling with the concept of the escalator, and reminds us of hazy days as a fifteen-year-old navigating Guildford’s Friary shopping centre, but with a better sound track. And Gary Numan.

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