Hendzel & Hunt works on La Gelatiera ice-cream parlour

La Gelatiera ice-cream and coffee shop is set to open in London’s Covent Garden, with interiors created alongside furniture studio Hendzel & Hunt, a logo by designer Carl Koch and other branding by designer Mira Choi.

La Gelatiera

Hendzel & Hunt has previously worked with Koch on the programme cover for the Friday Lates V & A Summer Camp, and all designers were appointed without a pitch.

Stephane Leyvraz, La Gelatiera co-owner, says of appointing Hendzel & Hunt, ‘Our approach is all-natural, based on the Slow Food principle, so we were looking for designers who understand the approach with the way they work and how they source materials.’

Hendzel & Hunt is using only reclaimed materials in the interiors (a maquette of which is pictured), such as wood panels and board, which are accompanied with a booklet giving the history of each piece of wood.

La Gelatiera mock up pic

La Gelatiera briefed the consultancy to create a space with a ‘natural, organic, not too designy’ look and feel.’ Leyvraz says, ‘It has to go with the natural, organic, raw approach of our ice-cream, and be something that people would feel comfortable and warm in the winter.’

The shop will feature a coloured wood feature wall, stainless steel fittings and lighting fixtures created from enamel plates. It uses the branding colour palette created by Choi of mainly pink with some yellow and blue.

Leyvraz says he chose Koch for the logo design due to his existing relationship with Hendzel & Hunt. He says, ‘For the logo, we wanted something handwritten and round, but not too Italian or classic. He made it a bit more graphic.’

La Gelatiera will open on 18 September.

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