Pearlfisher brands Westons Organic cider as Wyld Wood

Pearlfisher has rebranded Westons Organic cider, renaming it Wyld Wood Premium Organic Cider and creating a new visual identity for the brand.


The new name aims to highlight the ‘organic and natural’ qualities of the cider by alluding to the orchards in which the apples and pears are grown; while the “y” in Wyld references the Wye Valley that is ‘at the heart of the cider industry’, according to Pearlfisher.

The identity uses a large “W” formed from an image of two tree trunks. A small pear or apple, depending on the product, is shown at the bottom of the “W” to indicate the fruit naturally falling from the tree. Red is used for the apple variant, and green for the pear.

Sparkling variants are differentiated from still with a metallic gold, instead of brown “W”. Gold foiling aims to highlight the ‘specialness of the product’, according to Pearlfisher.

Natalie Chung, Pearlfisher creative director, says, ‘The new identity is bold, allowing Wyld Wood to stand proud on shelf next to other cider brands. The name and design emphasises the brand’s organic and premium quality but also connects with the core brand truth and provenance rather than relying on stereotypical organic cues.’

Westons Wyld Wood Premium Organic Cider launches throughout this month.

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