Reach rebrands Mr Sheen polish

Bristol-based consultancy Reach has rebranded Mr Sheen polishes, repositioning the brand and creating new packaging for the four products in the range, including floor products, aerosol’s, wipes and Mr Sheen Express Mist, which launched last month.


It began work on the project in early 2011 on the strength of credentials, without a pitch. Reach has previously worked on other projects for Mr Sheen’s parent company Reckitt Benckiser, including branding and packaging for Air Wick and E45 products.

The project involved repositioning the brand, and creating naming and branding for the Express Mist product.

Mark Rylands, creative partner at Reach, says, ‘We had to create more emotional engagement and differentiate it form Pledge. The original design was really cluttered so we had to create a clearer navigation system and position the new product within the brand architecture.’

Reach was briefed to design packaging that emphasised the products speed and efficacy. The consultancy used a ‘brighter red and fresher’, ‘more dynamic’ swoosh, and redesigned the Mr Sheen character.

Rylands adds, ‘Our brief is always based on clear direction from the customer, and they identified that want it to move away from the slower, more meandering feel of the old pack.’

The rebranded Mr Sheen range will launch throughout October.

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