Silk Pearce presentation pack marks Airmail centenary

Colchester-based consultancy Silk Pearce has designed a special-issue presentation pack to mark the 100th anniversary of the UK’s first Airmail flight.


The first-ever Airmail flight, on 9 September 1911, was between Hendon Aerodrome and Windsor Castle and lasted just 15 minutes.

To mark the centenary, Silk Pearce has created a presentation pack showcasing a miniature set of commemorative stamps – designed by Robert Maude and Sarah Davies – as well as a first-day cover, an insert card and two special postmarks.

The presentation pack is designed to unfold and tell the story of the first flight. It is illustrated with photography from the British Postal Museum and Archive, the RAF Museum and Pathé footage.

The first-day cover features a photograph of the Bleriot XI monoplane used for the first Airmail flight and will be issued with a special miniature sheet of stamps that has a reproduction of the original publicity poster for ‘The First Aeroplane Mail’ in its border.

The two postmarks are based on the original hand-stamp from 1911 and the Aerial Post ‘arrow and aircraft propeller’ logo.

Dean Pearce, design manager at Royal Mail, says, ‘We hope the presentation pack and first-day cover are a fitting tribute to these pioneering aviators who made postal history.’

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