Terence Conran launches health and beauty range

Terence Conran is launching new health and beauty brand Conran Bath and Body with branding and packaging designs by Studio Conran.


Conran says the product range fits in with a lifestyle philosophy espoused by the  Conran brand. He adds, ‘I am very selective about what I keep in my bathroom and wanted to create something I would be proud to have on display.’

Bottles designed from scratch for two ranges – Conran 1 and Conran 2 – are inspired by kilner jars and apothecary bottles.

Conran says, ‘Orange detailing represents the Kilner jar’s vibrant flash of bright rubber and the rubber stoppers in apothecary bottles, while the tactile frosted body and smooth white base are reminiscent of ceramics and enamel.’


Studio Conran has worked with Kokomo to develop the product which Terence Conran says evokes old fashioned cologne and fresh citrus, and suits the brand’s clean aesthetic.

Creative Director at Studio Conran Emma Booty says the products and the look ‘were very much developed hand in hand’.

She says, ‘As the brief was developed ‘conceptually we were working out the breadth of opportunity’ recognising that the Conran brand needs to be both ‘classic and progressive.’

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