Wolff Olins rebrands Asian Art Museum with upside-down ‘A’

Wolff Olins has created a new brand for the Asian Art Museum of San Franciso, in the USA, which uses an inverted ‘A’.


The consultancy says the upturned ‘A’ shows the museum ‘is approaching Asian art from a new perspective’.

It adds, ‘We discovered this later, but it’s fitting: in mathematics an upside-down “A” denotes “for all”. This reflects the museum’s desire to open to a wider community and to emphasise the universal nature of Asian cultures.’

Wolff Olins’s New York office worked on the project and was appointed in 2010.


The brand, which replaces a previous identity which was a red square with the word Asian at the bottom, is being rolled out across all touchpoints.

It will be used in the museum for the first time for the Maharaja: The Splendor of India’s Royal Courts exhibition, which opens on 21 October.

Wolff Olins says, ‘[The brand] directly reflects the museum’s bold vision and ambition to deliver stimulating, sometimes unexpected art experience and entice visitors to view art from different viewpoints.

‘It’s meant to be an attention-catching invitation to people, from art lovers to art newbies, to visit the museum and engage in this new perspective on Asian art.’

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  • Tony Lorenz November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    A masterstroke of branding brilliance. Good job guys.

    Tony Lorenz
    London UK

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