Studio Dempsey brands Terence Woodgate’s Eiger jewellery company

Studio Dempsey has created the branding for Eiger, a new jewellery company founded by industrial designer Terence Woodgate.

Eiger logo
Eiger logo

The range is named after Woodgate’s Labrador Eiger, and the branding is based on the name’s reference to the Eiger mountain in Switzerland.

Studio Dempsey founder Mike Dempsey says, ‘I didn’t think about the dog, but about the peaks – something that was a pinnacle – so that’s how the logo came about. It’s a very simple graphic representations of the word “Eiger”.’

The jewellery has been created by a range of 12 designers, many of whom usually work in other disciplines, including Sir Kenneth Grange, Ben Kelly and Tomoko Azumi.

Beam earrings by Terence Woodgate
Beam earrings by Terence Woodgate

Woodgate and Dempsey have also created pieces for the range.

Dempsey says, ‘I’d never thought about designing jewellery before, but as a designer you’re aware of everything. My approach is relatively simple, but some of the other designers’ pieces are much more complex’.

Mike Dempsey Happy  stud earrings for Eiger
Mike Dempsey Happy stud earrings for Eiger

The range will be sold online, and Dempsey says that at least six more designers are expected to create pieces following the initial launch.

‘Design is a fusion between art and technology; we are setting up Eiger to be a place to experiment with ideas and materials’, Woodgate says. ‘My contention is that there is very little cross-fertilisation between the disciplines of design’.

He adds, ‘We all come across materials, processes, even shapes and forms and juxtapositions that we love but for whatever reason are not relevant to our projects.

‘With Eiger we have the opportunity to give such processes and ideas a chance to become a beautiful object…I believe that such experiments will in turn inform our industrial design’.

Tomoko Azumi Arête Bracelet for Eiger
Tomoko Azumi Arête Bracelet for Eiger

Eiger launches this week at Heal’s Tottenham Court Road flagship store as part of London Design Festival.

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