Studio Hansa starts Hungarian news brand HIR 24 with a ‘Big Bang’

Studio Hansa has created ‘Big Bang’-inspired branding for a new Hungary-based news brand HIR 24.

By Studio Hansa

Sanoma Media asked Studio Hansa to create a ‘strong trusted and vibrant brand’ for HIR 24, according to Studio Hansa managing partner Omar Honigh.

‘We wanted to create a sense of rapid expansion based around the chaos of mass-information, which is then controlled by the power of the HIR24 discs. This delivers a feeling of vibrancy, speed, trust, innovative technology and new media. It symbolises that HIR24 is at the epicentre of cutting-edge news stories,’ says Honigh.

By Studio Hansa

Like the Big Bang, the main title sequence ‘ends with order’ before heading into the studio for the programme to begin, adds Honigh.   

From the brand concept, design and direction of the opening sequence were developed as well as all transitions and animations.

By Studio Hansa

Studio Hansa commissioned composer Si Begg to create a score, which accompanies the title sequence and bulletins.

In-programme information graphics have been developed by Studio Hansa, which worked alongside Sanoma’s in-house graphics team.

By Studio Hansa

Studio Hansa has further consulted on set design – which was initially heading in a different direction – so that the new look is consistent across all touchpoints.

The brand first launches as a programme on Sanoma channels Story Four and Story Five, has a 24-hour news outlook, and can be accessed online and on mobile.

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