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Our most popular stories of the week

Plane Crash

1. Our story about type designer Fabien Delage accusing the Home Office of using his typeface without permission in its controversial anti-illegal immigrants van campaign is proving very popular. The BBC , the Guardian , the Independent and the Huffington Post are among those who followed it up.


2. Boxer has created new illustration-led packaging for McDonald’s, and is aiming to ‘challenge perceptions’ of the fast-food giant.


3. We wrote about why the 3D printed gun , newly acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum, is the most important thing you’ll see at the London Design Festival.

Our most popular Tweet of the week

Our favourite Tweets of the week

Quote of the week


‘I have created some controversial work that was not politically correct and in some cases blasphemous. However, I still stand by that work.’ US designer and art director Archie Boston looks back on his career.

Image of the week


The Airborne Snotty Vase ­ Pollinosis , by Marcel Wanders Studio. The form is based on a piece of human snot, captured as it flew through the air by a microscopic digital scanner. Um, thanks Marcel…

Our favourite website

Civil defense planes patrol Chicago in case of atomic attack, May 1956


Civil defense planes patrol Chicago in case of atomic attack, May 1956

A Tumblr featuring 125 years of National Geographic photography. Wonderful.

Design stories in the national press

Sarah Hyndman of Typetasting was featured on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, introducing this year’s London Design Festival.


Pentagram’s Domenic Lippa picked his ten favourite fonts for the Guardian .


And there’s a rare look at corporate identity design in the nationals, with the Telegraph reporting on SomeOne’s rebrand of Crystal Ski Holidays .

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