World Design Capital Cape Town turns to private investment

World Design Capital 2014 Cape Town will look to distinguish itself from Helsinki, the previous capital, with a programme largely funded by the private sector.

World Design Capital Cape Town 2014

Chief executive of Cape Town Design NPC Alayne Reesburg says that ‘seed funding’ of around £2.5m has already been met by the South African government and that she aims to attract additional funding of at least the same amount from corporate sponsors.

Reesburg also says that an international design competition to design ‘the main site’ for events is in the offing.

The Cape Town Design NPC is the organisation which has been set up to deliver the year-long programme of events.

The full programme will be announced in November. Seven areas of focus have been identified under the overall theme ‘Live Design. Transform Life.’

These are: design that uplifts our community; design that builds sustainability; design that unlocks education; design that enhances our lifestyle; design that builds businesses; design that weaves connectedness; and connective tissue.

Cape Town WDC has positioned itself as ‘an invitation for change’ and will look to ‘bring collaborators together to start new conversations, new connections, and new possibilities that will have lasting impacts long after 2014.’

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