Channel 4 launches new All 4 identity to replace 4oD

Channel 4 is launching a new All 4 identity, which will represent all of Channel 4’s digital output and replace the 4oD branding.

Channel 4 says the new identity has been created by its 4Creative team, working with Magpie Studio and We Are Seventeen, while the overall branding has been developed by 4Creative and We Are Seventeen.

Channel 4 says the new branding is “derived from the iconic Lambie-Nairn Channel 4 logo”.

The different colours in the logo represent each of Channel 4’s different offers. When the viewer navigates through the All 4 digital platform, the logo will respond to highlight each channel brand.

For example when a viewer is watching an E4 show, they will see the purple E4 block of the logo transform into a pre-roll ident.

Channel 4 says: “In neat parallels with its original multi-coloured [Lambie-Nairn] design, which used colour to represent different communities and voices coming together, the new All 4 identity uses colours to represent each of Channel 4’s different brands.”

Channel 4 chief marketing and communications officer Dan Brooke says: “This new identity links our digital future to our creative roots, with the use of the much-loved multi-coloured logo, reimagined for the multimedia 21st century.”

The new All 4 platform is set to launch at the beginning of next year and will, Channel 4 says, bring together all of its linear channels, digital content and services in one place for the first time.

All 4 will be based around three “temporal states”: On Demand, Now and On Soon. Channel 4 chief executive David Abraham says, “We believe All 4 will deliver the most advanced broadcaster response to changing viewer behaviour in the digital age.”

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  • Hisham Fahmi November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    It’s a combination between creativity and technology it’s a vision of how we can look to the media in the future

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