Modern Toss: A Decade in the Shithouse

Cartoonists, animators and professional scamps Modern Toss are celebrating ten years of comic satire with their exhibition A Decade in the Shithouse.

Modern Toss

The exhibition places Modern Toss at  “the forefront of the groundbreaking shit scribbling business” and celebrates what it calls “stylishly cack-handed drawing and precision satire”.

Original drawings and artifacts from the “Toss archives” will be on display alongside limited-edition prints and some new work.

Modern Toss

Also look out for the Periodic Table of Swearing – a four legged talking table, featuring swear words based on the elements, which visitors can operate so that it swears on command.

Modern Toss

On a yet more surreal bent, the Modern Toss people have set up The Living Cartoon so you can experience what it feels like to be in a Modern Toss Cartoon. (Terrifying we imagine).

Modern Toss

Meanwhile the Modern Toss photo booth will give you a chance to have your portrait drawn by Modern Toss’s Jon Link or Mick Bunnage – “If they’re about”, Modern Toss says.

Modern Toss

Modern Toss: A Decade in the Shit House runs from 2-16 October at Forge & Co, 154-158 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6HU. An accompanying book, A Decade in the Shithouse will also be available.

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  • sarah September 23, 2019 at 7:18 pm

    This might be worth a watch …. Jamie Sanders for Tourettes Awareness

  • sarah September 23, 2019 at 7:20 pm

    Tourette’s is a genetic neurological condition (in the same way that epilepsy and migraines are neurological) and effects up to 1 in 100 people – possibly more as many go undiagnosed. It mostly affects children, however about a third of people go on to have noticeable/ difficulty symptoms into adulthood.

    Tics are the involuntary movements or vocal noises associated with the condition (only 10 percent of Tourette’s sufferers actually swear) Many motor tics can actually cause the individual pain due to their forceful and repetitive nature. Vocal tics (either sounds or words) can be very embarrassing and anxiety inducing for the individual, and often have no reflection on what the person is thinking. Luckily attitudes and understanding regarding Tourette’s is developing, so people are better able to accept their illness more and be accepted by others.

    Products like the ones on your website make me sad that attitudes like this still exist.

    I hope this is something that you as a company can reflect upon. Spreading the message that it is ok to mock this illness makes it harder for the people that are already battling with this on a daily bases.

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