New gig ticketing service Dice aims to be “loved by music fans”

New gig ticketing mobile app Dice has been launched by ustwo, aiming to become the first ticketing retailer “loved by music fans”.

The app is co-owned by ustwo and UK music industry executive Phil Hutcheon.

On launching, the app will feature 100 gigs curated by DJ Jen Long, which we’re told will be mostly from “left of centre” artists, with more mainstream acts added in time.

The number of gigs available to buy tickets for will never exceed 250, says ustwo co-founder Matt Mills, aiming to give music fans a more curated experience than the current online ticket retailers.

The designs were created by a team headed up by designer Daniel Stenberg. He was briefed by Hutcheon to create a look and feel that was “completely new”.

Stenberg says, “We wanted to create something new that hadn’t been seen before – something vibrant and strong. It had to be transparent, open and direct”.

One point of difference Dice has over current retailers is that there are no hidden charges or booking fees, so the designs had to be “transparent, open and direct”, Stenberg adds.

“We started off with a handwritten logo, which is in a diamond shape”, says Stenberg. “The geometric shape contrasts with the handwritten stuff, which is more dynamic – they worked really well together”.

The main logo uses a black and white colour palette, while the app interface uses a range of bold colours to create contrast, ustwo says.

Mills says that the app has been designed as mobile-only for security; meaning only the person who purchased the tickets can attend the gig, and cutting out the potential for tickets to be bought by touts.

To realise the project, ustwo contributed some of its team to solely work on Dice (including Stenberg), with half the Dice team made up of ustwo staff. They are based from the ustwo studio in east London.

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  • Kelly Vallance November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    if this works, ustwo will be billionaires… great idea.

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