Postal service TNT Post rebrands as Whistl

Postal service TNT Post has changed its name to Whistl in a rebrand project led by Leamington Spa-based Sutcliffe Reynolds Fitzgerald.



The TNT Group separated in 2011creating two separate companies, Post NL – Whistl’s (TNT Post’s) parent company – and TNT Express. The deal meant TNT Express retained the TNT brand name and TNT Post agreed to rebrand by the end of 2014.

Sutcliffe Reynolds Fitzgerald managing and creative director John Sutcliffe says the consultancy has worked with TNT for 25 years and won the work on the strength of this.


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Sutcliffe says that Whistl wanted its new brand to be “much more human, friendly and consumer facing”.

Whistl is already rolling out an expansion plan increasing its “end-to-end” delivery service, which it says means more postman on the streets making domestic deliveries as the company shifts its focus from a pure business-to-business service. 

Whistl hopes to increase staff levels from 3,000 now to 20,000 by 2019.


Source: Grainge Photography

 “That’s why Whistl needed to be softer and more approachable”, says Sutcliffe – “There are postmen walking up people’s drives.”

Senior designer Simon Grigg says that the name Whistl is musical and evokes “a posty’s whistle”.  The identity is based on the Tondo typeface and the typeface for headlines is a version of Gotham Rounded, which Grigg says works well for screen and print.

Sutcliffe says that the orange brand colour is being kept from the TNT Post brand as Whistl “wanted to keep something from the past” and because “orange fits – it’s bright, warm and human”.


Other brand and campaign elements include a 1.8m whistle built by a prop maker at Pinewood studios for Whistl ads, and the commissioning of David Morris, “the world’s top whistler”, Sutcliffe says. 

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