What is the most enjoyable thing about being a designer?

Find out what keeps designers doing the jobs they do…

Jamie Ellul

“For me the most enjoyable part is always the process of coming up with ideas. It never fails to frighten, excite, challenge and invigorate me. Coming up with a great idea in response to a brief is kind of magical. And I love the fact that ideas can come from absolutely anywhere and hit at any time. The rest of the design process you can kind of control, but that initial ideas stage is a wild untameable thing, that can be frustrating as much as it is pleasurable. It could take ten minutes or ten days. It’s this unpredictable bit that keeps me loving what I do.”

Jamie Ellul, creative director, Supple Studio

Mr Gresty

“I get satisfaction when I hear a third party talking positively about a project. Once a design is out there, the work needs to stand alone and achieve the desired effect without explanation. The clients and I will know the brief inside out, so it is not possible for us to see the work through fresh eyes. Some agency websites include lengthy rationalised explanations about their work but to hear somebody understand and enjoy the design on face value is recognition that you have successfully answered the brief.”

Mr Gresty, designer and illustrator

Katja Thielen

“As designers we look at things differently than most of our clients and can often see things they can’t because we’re outsiders. It gives us the freedom to think without the same constraints. I love that freedom. We’re fortunate to work across different sectors and to encounter new challenges every day. We’re constantly learning and exposed to new things, which is a privilege and provides fuel for creativity.”

Katja Thielen, creative director and founder, Together Design

John Spencer

“The most enjoyable thing for me about being a designer is working for fascinating people. Mind-boggling technologists, philanthropic financiers, lion-hearted managers, audacious performers, adventurous capitalists, ambitious archivists, go-getting campaigners, accountable councillors, madass inventors, ingenious manufacturers, heroic anti-slavers, mould-breaking mavericks, fearless advisers, intrepid explorers, energetic educators, legendary dancers, straight-talking lawyers, nutty professors, meticulous administrators, international agitators, rabble-rousing environmentalists, pioneering researchers, visionary policymakers, risk-taking trailblazers. I’ve been lucky.”

John Spencer, founder and creative director, Off the Top of My Head

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  • Emma Wright November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    The most enjoyable thing for me is coming up with creative ideas and the execution process, as well as seeing a project progress through to the end, which is so rewarding! Also, the opportunity to utilise my creativity in response to a range of different briefs is really exciting.

  • Gavin Greenhalf November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Simple: Every day is different. Shoppers and audiences constantly change and therefore no matter how many times it may feel like you’ve seen the brief before, there’s always a new way to answer it. It’s that problem solving aspect which makes every day different, exciting and satisfying

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