Sustainable Design Supplement

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design is not a passing fad. It is now integral to the future of the industry, particularly among the emerging talents as this year’s graduate shows will certainly reveal.

The good guys

With sustainability gaining ground in every area of contemporary life, Suzanne Hinchliffe takes a look at the leading campaigners for Green design, all of whom are striving to embed its


Museum standards

The parameters of sustainable practice are shifting rapidly in the world of exhibition design, with many key institutions seeking to make their shows less taxing on the environment. Anna Richardson

Nude skincare

Green gauged

Designers influence consumer behaviour every day through the medium of packaging, and so are well-placed to promote the benefits of sustainability. Sarah Woods looks at some recent creative initiatives to


Furniture fair

Designers who strive to incorporate Fairtrade principles in furniture production run the risk of accusations of naivety and exploitation. John Stones takes a look at three different approaches to this


Minimum impact

Printing and paper are central to the working lives of many designers, but both are unavoidably polluting. What can be done to ensure collateral environmental damage is kept to a

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