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Going global

The altruistic message and brainstorming potential of the DBA Inclusive Design Challenge have had a global impact, with similar programmes now running worldwide

The Experience Exchange, by Clinic

A decade of inclusive design: 2009-2010

2009 Sustainable design came to occupy pole position alongside inclusive design as the decade drew to a close. The prize-winning ’mo dynamic seating by Matter, which replaces the traditional cushion with a radical new design, brilliantly took on both areas in response to the 2009 brief of ’sedentary lives’ and showed how the two were […]

Go Steady

A decade of inclusive design: 2007-2008

2007 ’Slips, trips and turns’ was the theme suggested by the National Patient Safety Agency, the 2007 DBA Inclusive Design Challenge sponsor, which wanted to raise awareness of how lethal these can be for older and disabled people. The resulting design concepts ranged from Seymour Powell’s complex In-Balance, a full-body wearable monitoring and data-collection system, […]

A sticking plaster for one-handed use

A decade of inclusive design: 2005-2006

2005 This was the year when Pearson Matthews created the Challenge-winning Clevername™ sticking plaster for one-handed use, thus proving that product designers could beat their visual communications counterparts in the presentation stakes and come up with a killer concept to boot. The design team redesigned the way the plaster is folded and packed, creating tabs […]

The ’ello mobile phone,

A decade of inclusive design: 2002-2004

2002 Inclusive design is often seen as relating to the built environment or products alone, but the DBA Inclusive Design Challenge wanted to demonstrate its relevance as a people-centred process to any design discipline. Coley Porter Bell’s ’c’ system, the 2002 winner, was the first entry by a visual communications firm. It provided a systematic […]

Raising our game

In gestation for several years before its launch, the DBA Inclusive Design Challenge has now become a valuable asset for both the design industry and the society it serves

1Mpowerstyx, the winning project

Design for everyone

The original aims of the DBA Inclusive Design Challenge – to question conventional approaches to designing with the less abled – are now seen as relevant to a wider audience

A new awareness

The DBA Inclusive Design Challenge has given designers a valuable opportunity to rediscover a moral inspiration and make a vital contribution to the social agenda too

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