Vision 2010

For most of us, 2009 was a year best forgotten. We knew it was going to be tough, but not that tough.

Good things did emerge though – witness some ground-breaking work and a raft of talented start-ups set to lay the foundations for design’s future. While some areas of our industry declined, interaction grew apace in diversity, and public sector engagement and technology expanded.

We move into 2010 with optimism restored, albeit cautiously. No one denies the harsh reality of contrained budgets and delayed projects, but hope is there. There is no holding back the social and economic shifts that are shaping our world or the demands of consumers on brands, products and services.

Against this backdrop, we invited experts in seven areas key to design to forecast how things will be in 2010. In each case we asked an industry specialist and a creative pundit what issues they foresee. All envisage positive moves emerging during the year, though progress may be slow.

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