Recovery mission

Recover, reconstruct and rekindle should be the keywords for a new, more environmentally conscious decade, argues Sophie Thomas – it is high time that designers tackle these issues more comprehensively, fully integrating a Green approach into their standard practice


The much-heralded paperless revolution has yet to deliver the promised environmental benefits, and sustainable printed material continues to play an important role alongside online communications. The case for recycled papers remains as strong as ever


Vision 2011

ForewordIf 2010 was a year of economic and political uncertainty and change, then 2011 – blank canvas though it is – lookslikely to become a year defined by slow growth. According to design industry accountant and Vision contributor Amanda Merron, next year will be ’steady as she goes’, with continuing growth in the design sector […]

Bespoke brigade

As the quality of digital print continues to improve and selfpublishing is becoming an ever more viable and popular option, Clare Dowdy looks at how the once poor relation in the print stable is snapping at the heels of lithographic techniques

Digital print

With so much information freely accessible on the Web, surely print is doomed? No way – there’s an existing technology that combines almost instant availability, great customisation potential and the reassuring tactility of quality papers, and it’s called digital print

Emily Pacey

Brighter picture

The long-awaited green shoots of recovery in design are breaking out into the open, which is good news if you’re a junior designer left out in the cold during the recession or an experienced freelance looking to fill a skills gap. Emily Pacey assesses the potential

Karina Beasley


The recession is almost over and confidence is growing – clients have reshaped their businesses ready for growth, and there’s even talk of takeovers – but consultancies should boost their junior level recruitment if they want to make the best of the recovery

Scott Billings

An appy world

Forget the Internet – the digital scene is all about mobile these days, as apps continue to roll out at breakneck speed across a range of platforms. Before long, websites will start to look influenced by the streamlined usability of app design, predicts Scott Billings

Jim Hunter

Interaction design

As consumers take the driving seat in the digital environment, consultancies need to up their game by recruiting and training staff with the right skill sets in order to help their clients exploit them opportunities presented by the social media revolution

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