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An oasis of calm

Despite the recent budget, 2009 is going to be a difficult and unpredictable year. GDP, interest rates, tax rates, oil prices, commodity prices and exchange rates are all going to

Green dream

Sustainability could be the winner as the credit crunch tips the balance of power away from brand-owners and towards the consumer. Changes in consumption patterns might make us all behave

A rebalancing act

Conspicuous consumption is becoming passé as the recession starts to bite, but where does this leave commercial interior design? A shift from private to public projects and an emphasis on

Beyond the tipping point

The digital arena should hold out fairly well against the downturn, says Mike Exon – especially those brands that are making the most of interactive communications and taking an integrated

Hard lessons

The downturn is hitting design recruitment in every sector, with client budgets and salary expectations suffering badly. But think twice before retrenching too quickly, says Anna Richardson, because it could

Tactile does it

Clients are opting for smaller print runs these days, but they’re also more keen to pay attention to details and experiment with unusual techniques – made possible by digital methods.

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