Jasper Morrison designs back-to-basics mobile phone

Morrison has worked with tech company Punkt to create a mobile which rejects the complications of smart phones and instead offers core functions and a pared back design.



Jasper Morrison has collaborated with Swiss technology company Punkt to design a mobile phone that will aim to “rebalance the relationship we have with technology.”

It has been designed to focus only on the core mobile phone functions, calling and text messaging.

The single image which has emerged appears to show a ruggedized device with a pared back design focusing on simplicity.

Morrison, who is also art director of Punkt, has designed the MP 01 as “the essential handset experience”, according to a Punkt spokesman.

He adds: “As smart phone devices are becoming increasingly complicated, Punkt aims to rebalance the relationship we have with technology.”

The product will launch at Somerset House on 19 September as part of 10 Designers at London Design Festival.

Morrison’s first collaboration with Punkt was a cordless phone, which launched in 2011 and was also the first product launched by the company.

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