Nokia’s new virtual reality camera is for “professional creators”

The Nokia Ozo is a spherical camera that films 360° footage and records surround sound, and is aimed at providing an “elegant workflow” for those involved in virtual reality production.


Nokia has launched a virtual reality camera aimed at enabling digital professionals to film and create “immersive” footage on one single device.

Controlled through one device

The company says the Nokia Ozo is “the most advanced virtual reality capture device ever”, as it puts an end to “complex multi-camera rigs” by providing “elegant workflow” in one product.

The Ozo is a spherical camera with multiple lenses and eight microphones, which allow the user to film 360° video and surround sound.

For “professional creators”

While the camera is available commercially, it is a “powerful tool” aimed at “professional creators” who want to explore further possibilities in virtual reality, says Ramzi Haidamus, president at Nokia Technologies.

Virtual reality previews

The camera is controlled wirelessly, and has real-time monitoring enabling it to display all of its camera viewpoints simultaneously via a computer device.

It can also provide live virtual reality previews via a headset, giving users “interactive feedback” on virtual reality production.

Saves on one memory card

It has a digital cartridge which provides 45 minutes of recording time and saves all video and audio in one place, “rather than a handful of SD cards”, says Nokia. It also uses one output cable, and one power and memory cartridge.

Including stand, it is 10.4 inches tall and 6.7 inches wide.

The Ozo Professional virtual reality camera PC-01 is priced at $60,000 (£39,837). The digital cartridge is $5,000 (£3,320) and the docking station is $1,500 (£996). They are available to buy through Nokia’s website.

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