Setting up in India can’t be done without commitment

I’d like to echo the views of Lois Jacobs from Fitch (Letters, DW 28 October) regarding the intricacies of setting up a creative business in an emerging market such as India.

Like Fitch, Photolink Creative Group set up in Mumbai in January 2007, and as a small enterprise we had to invest huge amounts of time to create and build a sustainable business using local talent.

This team is now in place and, apart from one person, they are all Indian and, interestingly, our board is made up of an eclectic mix of religions: Muslim, Jewish, Jain, Catholic, Hindu and Christian, which pretty much covers all the bases and demonstrates that all cultures can successfully work together in harmony for a common goal.

During the past three years I have made 28 trips to India, and without such a personal commitment I struggle to see how, without a huge team of middle management and corresponding war chest, a small company, especially a creative one, can launch without being ’on the ground’.

Jayne Riley, Managing director, Photolink Creative Group, Manchester M12 6PN

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