Jonathan Ive is rumoured to be looking to leave Apple and return to the UK. What would you like to see him do next?

It takes a real visionary to revolutionise a brand and set of products the way Jonathan Ive has at Apple. His greatest skill lies in fusing a sensuous glamour with the pared-down aesthetic of legends like Dieter Rams. As a Londoner, the daily struggle with public transport never ceases to frustrate me, so this is what I would like to see Ive tackle next. Transport in London is barely functionaland depressing – with Ive’s ability to transform the everyday I can see him enriching our daily lives.
Sam Chatwin, Creative director, Clock

Jonathan Ive represents the best in product design. Where others are designing household products that look more like giant Lego sets, Ive designs products that you fall in love with and that change your life. Only people stuck with Blackberries would disagree. I wonder if Ive would apply his genius to useful gadgets that could save your life – everything from inhalers to specialised equipment for active people with disabilities. It would be a UK-inspired iCare series of products, made in Britain and sold worldwide. Wouldn’t it be great if we started making things again, instead of just being a nation of consumers?
Marksteen Adamson, Partner, Arthur Steen Horne Adamson

I would like to see the ultimate in home furnishings. Behold the iFridge, iWasher, and iToast. Just imagine it, you would be so excited to clean everything, you would never want to see another crumb again. Of course, the downside could be that I couldn’t bear it if I had to take one of them to get recycled. But then again, Jonathan Ive would probably build in some cool, self-perpetuating mechanism that means they would live forever. I can only hope.
Steven Ramsey, Creative director, Baigent Digital

Apparently, Jonathan Ive is keen to move back to enjoy the UK home he bought some years ago, but has never actually managed to find time to live in. Once he’s back and with time on his hands, perhaps in a spare moment he could turn his hand to redesigning the way that many of our organisations work. Imagine the intuitive, common-sense simplicity of the iPod brought to call centre systems, procurement processes, taxation and benefits, buying a house… the list goes on and on.
Joe Bakowski, Managing director, Stocks Taylor Benson

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