Legendary bikers’ hang-out the Ace Café has been revived as a touring exhibition. What iconic building would you like to see reimagined in a museum environment?

For me it would have to be Abbey Road Studios. I recently had the immense pleasure of filming a feature there for our ongoing project Think Work Play, and could not help thinking that more people should be able to see into the inner workings of a space that has created so much contemporary culture. Inside the studios the air is literally thick with an analogue atmosphere that probably wouldn’t translate into another space – but I would love for someone to try.
Chris Waggott, Co-founder, Designers Fron

I would love to see Captain Scott’s hut from Antarctica reconstructed in a museum environment, especially as next year is the 100-year anniversary of his tragic death. The hut and much of the interior remain intact on the ice and could be easily replicated, supported by the immaculate photographs that were taken by Herbert Ponting. Imagine if the precious central table could be loaned – the very site where food was consumed, letters written and the fateful final journey planned.
Peter Higgins, Creative director, Land Design Studio

Let’s reclaim the Art Deco Hoover Building on London’s Western Avenue as a museum of domestic improvement. Occupied in large part by Tesco, it is my rebellion against real estate domination by UK supermarket chains. Charting modern man’s drive for domestic bliss, we’d cover the manic inventing period of the Victorians, the technology-enabled post-war dream of a better world and, yes, a little later, the vacuum cleaners and the Dysons. Perhaps James Dyson could send a design team from Wiltshire to do justice to the interior?
Alex Johns, Managing director, Brandnew Corporation

Toyo Ito’s Tower of Winds, 1986, responds to wind speed and direction. Designed years before anyone else explored the use of ’responsive architecture’, it is a cross between a building and an installation, using the air vents running through Tokyo’s underground system. This building is inspirational because it uses the blank canvases of the vents to create something aesthetically pleasing where you wouldn’t expect it. It is for these reasons that I would like to see the Tower of Winds reimagined in a museum environment.
Jason Bruges, Founder, Jason Bruges Studio

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