Working together will get us through the tough times

Matt Baxter has hit the nail on the head in his recent piece on the need for more collaboration within design (Insight, DW 20 January). Times are tough and the more businesses can work together the more their individual strengths can and will be ’stronger together’.

Collaboration, as Baxter mentions, is a many-faceted thing. We have, for example, invested significantly in a three-way collaboration with property company TCN UK and the BBC, agreeing to use 60 000sq ft of vacant building on part of the White City estate to create a new creative and media campus.

The aim is to transform a surplus, unattractive building, currently owned by the broadcaster, into a thriving workspace for the creative industries. The campus is to be called Ugli with the strapline ’Lovely inside’ reflecting our overriding philosophy that it is very much what’s inside that counts, with a vibrant working environment offering the platform for most effective business collaboration.

This low-cost space will, we hope, energise true collaboration, giving Ugli Campus tenant members spirit, vibrancy, values and a platform to, as Baxter notes, ’pool their commercial knowledge and skills more effectively’.

Jeanette Pritchard, Managing director, JP Creative, Brighton Terrace, London, SW9. Sent from an iPhone

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