Yves Béhar designs new Samsung TV “like a Classical sculpture on a plinth”

Yves Béhar’s Fuseproject consultancy has created the new S9W curved TV for Samsung, which the designer says references “a Classical sculpture on a plinth”.


The S9W is an 82” curved-screen TV mounted on a stainless-steel cube – although Béhar says that in future this could be made of different and “unexpected” materials.


Béhar says the curved screen led the design team to treat the TV as a sculptural object. He says: “We have admired paintings displayed on walls for centuries, but an image on a curve instantly becomes a sculpture. Our design gives an answer to a simple question: what is the best way to display this sculpture?”


The screen is mounted on a “gallery-like” plinth, which stores much of the technology. Béhar says: “[This reminds us of] a Classical sculpture on a plinth.”


The “plinth” cube features a black gradient at the top, which Béhar says “makes the frame look as though it floats over and fades into the plinth it sits on”. When the TV is turned on, the top of the cube elevates, revealing inner lighting and emitting a sound.


Fuseproject says the S9W design is the first fruit of a long-term design partnership between the consultancy and Samsung and will be followed by further television designs.

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