Design Week Top 100

Design Week’s Top 100 consultancy report is a definitive ranking recognising the most successful design businesses in the industry.

Providing a detailed and holistic analysis of the financial state of play, it ranks the 100 most successful independent UK design businesses across all sectors, based on total fee income, while also spotlighting, growth, turnover, projections and staffing levels.

Having run for more than two decades, it remains the only source of market intelligence detailing the strategy, financial health, head count and fee income per head of the major UK design consultancies in an industry worth some £76.9bn per year to the UK economy.

High value intelligence

The research, creation, production and distribution of the report requires 370 staff hours across our senior research, editorial and production teams.

There is a high demand for this information from independent design consultancies, larger creative groups and networks, and suppliers into design consultancies, as well as brand-side in-house design teams. We are committed to developing the data, analytics and insight that the report contains both this year and in the future.

In return for this investment, we will be charging for access to this high-value intelligence by offering you the chance to purchase a bound printed copy, and/or a PDF copy of the report for wider distribution within your organisation so that you can access the raw data for your own analysis.

Independently audited

Unlike similar rankings, the Design Week Top 100 is independently audited by our accountant partners Kingston Smith, making it a trusted go-to resource for designers and design buyers.

Throughout this edition, we look behind the statistics to see who’s making the money, who’s moving up the table and who’s dropping down. Each market sector is broken down and analysed revealing the leading consultancies in each discipline, and we spotlight the most efficient consultancies.

We’ve also spoken to a selection of Top 100 consultancies to seek advice on how to grow your business and chatted to others to find tips on where to find the best talented young designers.

You can see the Top 100 consultancy positions here now. To purchase a full copy of the report with analysis and market intelligence click here. Otherwise you can contact 020 7970 4661 to buy your copy now.