Designers in Residence announces “open” theme

The Design Museum wants this year’s Designers in Residence to be “open” and transparent in their work, which will engage visitors directly.

Drones: A City in the Sky, (from Designers in Residence 2015)

This year The Design Museum will be asking its Designers in Residence to address the theme of “open”.

The Designers in Residence programme is now in its ninth year and celebrates the work of new and emerging designers who if selected are given access to work space, mentorship and a bursary for developing their idea.

What does “open” mean?

The “open” theme understands that today design is an inclusive process with many voices.

The Design Museum says: “Tools that were once the preserve of professionals are now available to amateurs. Through hacking, co-creation, downloadable designs, and the sharing of knowledge, more people than ever can take on the role of the designer.”

Meanwhile designers have learnt to adapt by becoming more outward looking, which has opened the discipline “beyond objects” to include services, environments and emerging technologies.

Who should apply?

With this is mind Designers in Residence is looking for “designers who demonstrate an openness in their practice.”

This means that designers need to give an insight into their process and engage visitors through their work.

Applicants have between now and 1 March to apply to the scheme whose alumni include Asif Khan, Bethan Laura Wood and Yuri Suzuki.

Last year’s residents were Chris Green, Stephanie Hornig, Hefin Jones and Alexa Pollmann. The exhibition of their work is on until 1 March.

The programme offers mentorship from alumni as well as access to the museum’s legal, commercial, learning, development, and curatorial teams.

Any designers who have graduated from higher education in the last five years can apply to Designers in Residence. For more information head here.

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