Crisp image by Brewer Riddiford

Brewer Riddiford has redesigned the identity, packaging and all related material for family-owned natural cereal company Jordans. The revamp is understood to be the client’s biggest investment in design.

The consultancy has refreshed the Jordans identity by modernising the stencilled-style lettering and redrawing its Mill Building headquarters.

It is now framed in a 3D-effect cream lozenge at the top of each product.

The aim of the product redesign is to present the ranges, including Country Crisp breakfast cereal and Frusli snack bars, as brighter and more accessible on-shelf, says Brewer Riddiford creative director Steve Booth.

“The Jordans identity has been used inconsistently over the years as new products are bolted on,” adds Booth. “Our job was to develop a design style that would unify all its sub-brands without overwhelming their individual personalities.”

Product ranges now feature more contemporary food images and more vibrant colourways.

Research into the Jordans brand has shown that it was seen as austere and inaccessible.

“The identity reflected Jordans’ 1970s health food origins too closely,” says Booth.

Brewer Riddiford has redesigned the manufacturer’s stationery, vehicle livery and marketing material. It is also redesigning the interiors of Jordans’ headquarters.

Jordan’s business development manager Edward Olphin says the aim of the introduction of a more consistent identity and eye-catching packs is to further strengthen its brand. “Brewer Riddiford is an essential partner in furthering our brand and new product development,” he says.

The new product ranges will be launched across the UK in two weeks time.

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