News in Pictures

1 Cog Design has designed the fifth edition of the British Council’s news and information journal On Tour.

2 Imagination Technologies’ Pure Digital is launching the Oasis radio. Pure Digital claims the model, created by Therefore, is the first rechargeable Digital Audio Broadcast radio that is built to ‘withstand the rigours of outdoor life’.

3 Bar chain The Living Room is launching its own beer, Homebrew, with labels designed by Cheshire consultancy Caspa.

4 The work of fashion photographer Jim Lee features in Eye for Images, exhibiting at The Firehouse in London from 19-30 September. Pictured is a 1971 photograph taken for menswear designer Principi.

5 Ingo Maurer has collaborated with interior designer Henk Vos to design the Kruisheren Church hotel in Maastricht, which officially opens on 4 September.

6 The image is of a design detail of a glass façade created by Keiichi Tahara for the University of Paris V11 department of physical sciences. It’s inspired by a physics formula and generates colour effects through various lighting programmes. The project will be completed next spring.

7 Wildfire Creative has designed a tiny portfolio for architect Johnson Design. Its 25 pages are the size of a business card and are printed on materials such as walnut, maple, aluminium, PVC and carpet.

8 BBC Broadcast has created the promotional trail for Nazi State, a UKTV History series that commenced last week.

9 Mercury Records has commissioned Intro to produce a TV ad to promote Dire Straits’ forthcoming album, The Very Best of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler.

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