Wind up radio production in South Africa

South African President Nelson Mandela is to launch a clockwork radio next month which is aimed primarily at developing countries in Africa and throughout the world.

Product design and exterior styling is by TKO and positioning and branding is by CLK.

TKO’s brief was to turn Trevor Baylis’ invention into a manufacturable, functional product suitable for use in extreme environmental conditions, such as being able to be dropped from aid planes in areas experiencing drought, famine or war.

With only 20 seconds of winding producing 40 minutes of listening time, the BayGen Freeplays will be produced in a new factory in Cape Town.

Client company Baylis Generators’ chief executive officer Chris Staines says: “The determination and enthusiasm of everyone

concerned has resulted in a product which will be of immediate help to communities in developing countries.”

Staines says the company is now exploring the potential for the development of further innovative products. The radio’s story was featured in BBC TV’s QED programme this week.

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