C Eye sets sights on TV Communivers network

London branding consultancy C Eye has been appointed to oversee the creative development of a multi-million pound point-of-sale TV network, Communivers.

The business, which launches this month, will focus on supplying live point-of-sale broadcasting to retailers which are believed to include McDonald’s, BAA and Total Fina.

The consultancy is creating the identity and overseeing the positioning of the venture, formed between computer group ICL and Satellite Information Services, which runs a satellite network.

Communivers managing director Tod Yeadon says: “This system comes into its own when you bring into play live news, sport or weather. It allows you to instantly tailor your advertising to the latest news.

“For example, a sports retailer can show a live football match and when a particular player scores, the marketing manager can call Communivers and within minutes promote that player’s make of boots,” he adds.

As well as positioning the Communivers brand, the consultancy’s new media department, headed by Piers Aitman, is working on individual content for Communivers clients. Each client’s system will have a different look and feel, co-ordinated by C Eye.

In the future sponsors’ advertising agencies will take care of the advertisements, but for now C Eye is designing the small ads for the Communivers launch.

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