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What are your New Year’s resolutions and have you broken any yet?

‘I did make a couple of New Year’s resolutions, as usual. One, to join a gym, naturally, and, two, to curb my worst habit – flashing the plastic. Only problem is the gym I really liked, the one with those glitzy showbiz lights around the mirrors, is horribly expensive. So instead I bought a (cheap) vintage sofa and expended some energy tidying (and/ or eating) various boxes of chocolates that were cluttering up my kitchen.’

Liz Farrelly, Writer, Booth Clibborn Editions

‘Following a very festive season and a period of severe sickness [due to long days], once again, my New Year’s promise to myself on the work front is to not arrange any really early morning flights into Europe. I’ve been back one day and so far this resolution is still intact (although only just). On the family front, my resolution is to spend more quality time with my family so they know who Dad is. Hopefully, the two resolutions go hand in hand. So far things are looking good.’

Neil Whitehead, Director, Fitch

‘As we toasted our way towards midnight, a particularly competitive friend of mine and I resolved to hold our breath in 2002. My resolution lasted two minutes and ten seconds, my friend is in hospital.’

Peter Tennent, Partner, Factory Design

‘I maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. I do not smoke. So, my New Year’s resolutions are, in no particular order: to drink more alcohol to alleviate stress; currently, I am losing more hair than I am winning pitches, I would like to reverse this trend; to convince my daughter to stop drawing with her right hand, left is best; to stop spending money on watching Wales lose at rugby; and to be nice to clients (that means not taking them to watch Wales).’

Martyn Bullock, Creative director, Redjacket

‘I’m sure the consultancy has loads. But, personally, none especially, but it would be nice to think about the well-known line, ‘…and the lamb shall lie down with the wolf (but the lamb shall not have a very good night)’. If I was pushed then it would be to make lists with a vengeance, get content back into soundbites and don’t worry about sounding tedious. Have I broken any yet? Not sure, too early to tell.’

Tony Allen, Managing director, Interbrand

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