Together Design to create a friendly face for Select Spain packs

Select Spain, a wholesale Spanish food and drinks supplier, is planning to launch its first range of consumer products, with packaging design created by Together Design.

The consultancy will work up a range of designs that will feature across a variety of food and tapas products, such as/ charcuterie meats, regional cheeses, olives, pickled garlic, dried fruit and nuts.

Together Design was appointed to the project following a credentials proposal. The consultancy is currently drawing up first stage concepts and a key challenge will be how to communicate the different regional sources of each item through a cohesive packaging design.

The aim is to make the range friendly and accessible for consumers, says Heidi Lightfoot (pictured), director at Together Design.

‘We are exploring how to create something authentic, without the clichés, and want to show the variety and difference between the products, across regions. In general, we want to make Spanish food more understandable for consumers, in the way that French or Italian food is,’ says Lightfoot.

Together Design must decide if the product or the brand itself is the ‘hero’, according to Lightfoot.

Select Spain is also considering creating a supermarket ‘friendly’ range with different designs. The raft of products is expected to launch in January.

Together Design has worked on a variety of packaging projects for John Lewis and Culpeper, among others.

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