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What should be on the agenda for London’s new Creative Industries Commission (DW 3 October)? ‘One, should we keep venture capitalists out of it?

What should be on the agenda for London’s new Creative Industries Commission (DW 3 October)?

‘One, should we keep venture capitalists out of it? A voracious client should regard himself as a “venture capitalist”. Two, can we learn from the Dome experience, design by committee? The greatest committees are an uneven number, less than three. Three, how can the London Development Agency support the existing self-regulating bodies that currently govern creativity? Four, is this simply a cheap pitch for future LDA work? Cynical perhaps, but I should prefer the dynamic of meritorious work through the marketplace than the “gridlock” of politics.’

Mark Hurst, Art director, McCann Erickson

‘The mayor’s publication, Creativity: London’s Core Business, which precedes the formation of the commission, highlights the need to allow experimentation in creativity to fuel future business. I’d like the commission to discuss how to provide measurable support for young creative talent on a relatively large scale without too much commercial pressure. We need to nurture good old-fashioned madness.’

Tim Watson, Managing director, Duffy Design

‘First of all look at funding creative thinking in schools, ways of promoting the industry as a whole, for example, London Creative Week, or developing a space similar to the Pompidou Centre in Paris for lectures, workshops and exhibitions. Even though the name sounds like a quango waiting to happen, at least the creative industry is on Ken Livingstone’s political agenda.’

Simon John, Partner, Ergo

‘Having sat on a committee setting the agenda for London as a Creative Capital some ten years ago, I smile, recognising the iss

ues have not really changed. Top of my list is culture and environment. The entire city must believe in itself as a creative capital. Barcelona oozes creativity on every street corner; Paris invests in modern architecture. Second would be addressing issues around the cost of living and doing business here. London is the best place to live and work, but it must be possible to create profitable businesses and positive employees. Next is knowledge and creativity transfer, be it exchanges with major world cities or creating central design information resources. Of course, the list goes on from secondary education to longer opening hours for work-weary designers – but the Vox Pop column space is limited.’

Laura Haynes, Director, Appetite

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