Any suggested cures for back ache related to computer use?

I have been working with computers from home for the last four years. Over the last three months I have been suffering from aching neck, back, arms and wrists.

My doctor suspects this could be due to my bad posture and/or working with computers. I previously stooped over a drawing board for around 20 years. He has recommended I wear a surgical collar at night which might, hopefully, help.

I would really like to know if there is a specialist out there (preferably somewhere in the Edinburgh area) who could come in to my studio and give me impartial help and advice on how best to rearrange my equipment, for my health’s sake, and whether I need to buy a new desk and chair or whatever.

An urgent reply would be greatly appreciated please as I would like to sort out this problem as soon as possible, before it sorts me out.

Name and address supplied

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