Typographic posters for each team playing in the World Cup

London-based consultancy LoveGunn has created a series of type-based posters inspired by 20th century Russian Futurism and Constructivism for this year’s World Cup.

Poster mockup by LoveGunn

The posters use a series of Soviet typefaces and a “minimalist three colour process”, according to the consultancy, which adds that artist and designer Kazimir Malevich acted as one of the main inspirations behind the design direction, alongside Communist propaganda posters.

Poster mockup by LoveGunn

LoveGunn, which is based in East London, says that its geographic location meant that the ever-changing surfaces and messages that surround the studio played a big role in its desire to create “something new which would reflect both our studio and the passion that the World Cup evokes.”

Rather than producing “another wall chart or sticker album”, the aim of the poster series was to unite the local area with designs inspired by World Cup host nation Russia.

“Given the current global political climate, it seemed an interesting concept to explore the link between nationalistic propaganda and football fandom,” says LoveGunn creative director Tom Love. “Subsequently, the design of each poster feels like that of a national or political campaign, a visual expression for each nation to get behind.”

England poster by LoveGunn

The block colours of each poster reflect the kit or flag of the country it represents alongside the country’s “footballing nickname” and the team’s “star player.”

Love adds: “There’s a really rich language around football, especially the World Cup, that instantly spurs your imagination. Combining this rich language with a visually provocative design style offers something a bit different from what’s expected from a design studio, and it’s something fans can use, whether it’s pinning them up on the wall or posting them socially.

“We want fans to engage with the posters and use them to represent their country.”

Russia poster by LoveGunn
Brazil poster by LoveGunn
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  • Greg Neviu June 21, 2018 at 3:35 pm

    As much as I want to love what the design firm has done with these posters, the typography is pushed a bit too far.The readability on the club name alienates the non-football fan. As a poster, it fails on that attempt. However, the use of bold color,single imagery and font choice on player and country name is fantastic.

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