Jimmy Yang tailors Boateng site

Ozwald Boateng, the newly appointed creative director of Givenchy menswear, has launched his own website, designed by Jimmy Yang Associates.

Located at www.ozwald boateng.com, the site makes use of still photography, simple animation and short films to bring the fashion designer’s prowess and personality alive and re-inforce the Ozwald Boateng brand offers.

Instead of textual links, the navigation system incorporates a system of Boateng-esque coloured jewel icons, according to Yang.

‘The challenge for us was to reflect the breadth of Ozwald’s personality and personal work. We have incorporated the famous Boateng colours into the navigation system, rather than using list after list of obscure text,’ he says.

Boateng’s own span of work from clothing designs to short films takes pride of place on the site, says Yang.

‘The short films are mostly personal projects of his. Many of them are shown before his fashion shows and they date back to his early days as the newcomer of Savile Row,’ he says.

Other features include a timeline of the designer’s personal and professional milestones plus close-ups of individual garments.

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